Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Paper Flower Clips

I ran across this article the other day and new that I must drop everything that I was doing and make one of these "paper mâché" flowers.  LOVE these flowers.  Everything about these big vibrant flowers screams awesome!  But, maybe a little too big for my day to day wear.

So...why not make a smaller version?

Lapel pin?

Hair Clip?

The possibilities are endless.
(Adapted from here)

Here we go:

  • Paper (newsprint, construction, lol, whatever kind you have laying around)

  • Modge Podge

  • craft paint

  • paint brush, scissors, compass, alligator clip or lapel pin, hot glue

Start off by drawing 3 circles in each of the following sizes 2 1/2″, 2 ″, 1 1/2″, 1/2″

Next, you're going to paint one circle with modge podge and stick the next circle of the same size to it, repeat with the last circle.  All your same size circles should be stuck together to make one circle.  Repeat with remaining sizes.

Next your going to cut notches around the circle to make your petals.

Fold the petals toward the center, creasing where the petals meet the center.

Once you have all of your flowers cut out, it's time to paint them.  Paint the front one color and the back another color.  You can choose any color you want for the center.

Now, grab the glue gun.  Place a dab of glue in the center of the large flower place the medium in the center, aligning the petals.  Repeat with remaining flowers and center.

Your flower is finished.  Now you can glue it to a lapel pin back or an alligator clip.

Enjoy your new accessory!!

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