Friday, April 2, 2010

Chalkboard Flower Pot

I bought a few white pots from Ikea last week, with the intentions of using them for herbs in my kitchen.  Well, I left them in Atlanta, and being the rather impatient person that I am, decided to paint some additional pots to use with them.  I thought it would be a great idea to paint a basic flower pot white and use chalkboard paint around the rim.  That way I could label what's inside the pot.  Want to make one? It's really easy!

What you're going to need...

A flower pot

chalkboard paint

craft/ acrylic paint


stencil if you want to get creative.

Modge Podge

Ok, so begin by painting the bottom of your pot.

(So like I said earlier, this pot was intended to be white.  While staring at this white pot, I was  compelled to paint some little pictures in varying shades of color all over this poor little helpless pot.  At some point all quality control was thrown out the window.  It was awful, paint in way to many colors and patterns and places.  So what do you do when it is a disaster and you don't want to waste a perfectly good pot??  Why not paint it pink...)

Okay, now that your base is painted, paint the rim with your chalkboard paint.  I used two coats.

So you could be almost finished at that step...unless your me and can't be happy with a pink pot whose paint disaster wasn't totally covered by the new layer of paint!  So why not pull out a stencil and attempt to once again cover up a mistake!

Okay now, much better!

I added a coat of Modge Podge here to seal it.

Now for the flowers.

Now you can write whatever you want on there.  Wouldn't these make super cute Mother's Day gifts???

Have a great weekend!!


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