Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's make popsicles!

Someone small loves popsicles.  I mean really loves them.   So of course she needs one in the form of a hair accessory, right?!

I tried a couple of different versions, single versus double.  I happened to like the double popsicle the best.

Here's what you'll need to make your very own popsicle clips...

  • Felt

  • popsicle sticks (cut in half)

  • needle

  • embroidery floss

  • paper, pencil, scissors

  • hot glue gun

  • hair clips

Ok, to start you'll want to decide how big you want to make your popsicle.   I made mine about 1 1/4 inches wide by 1 5/8 inches tall.  Draw out your popsicle shape onto your paper to make a little template.  Use that template to cut out two matching pieces from your felt.

Place the tow identical pieces together and grab your threaded needle.  I started mine by sliding my needle in between the two layers, so that my knot wouldn't show on either side of the felt.  Begin sewing up the side.

Once you've sewn a few stitches and the felt stays together, you can insert your first popsicle stick.  This will be a guide so that you know how much space you have to stitch.  Also, you can run a line of hot glue along the back side of the stick as you place it in between the felt, for a little extra stability.  You'd hate for your popsicle to lose it's stick, right?

Continue to sew around the entire edge, adding your second stick as you go.

It should look like this.  Next you're going to sew the middle section.

Start in the middle of the two layers again, to avoid your knot showing.  Sew all the way up that mid section.  Now you are finished with your popsicle!

You can now glue them to your hair clips!

Can you imagine all the possibilities for felt food shaped hair accessories???  I wonder what other people at the grocery store would think if I had a headband with a coffee cup and a doughnut in my hair?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Popsicle Anyone??

A fun little clip just in time for summer...a new tutorial coming soon!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Pleats bag

I finally had a chance to try the smaller version of this bag.

It's a cute bag.

The colors are so pretty.  The dark brown contrasts so nicely with those greens and blue.  I love the look of this bag.  It's reminiscent of this bag, by Amy Butler.  I've made it a couple of times and I think this one is much easier!  Plus, I love the big button and the pleats.  The little extra details make this bag.

You can see the size difference between the larger version and this smaller version.  The large bag can hold so much stuff, yet it doesn't feel like a huge bag.  I imagine that the smaller version is deceptively bigger than it seems.

What do you think?

Which version do you like best??

Do you like this smaller bag?  If you do, it's going to be sold in the Etsy shop soon with a few other goodies!!  I let you know when it's stocked.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Shower For Baby E

I'm excited to share a few photos from a baby shower that we had this weekend for a friend.

Taking full advantage of a kid free afternoon, we enjoyed a perfect spring day ideal for an outside lunch.  Sheltered from the heat of the midday sun under a beautiful tree in B's backyard.  She has an amazing backyard!

Drawing from the beautiful colors of springtime; the palette consisted of oranges, greens, yellows and pinks.

Fabrics from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden collection, rose bouquet in pink and zag strip pink, as well as a Joel Dewberry's Aviary sunburst in orange were used as colorful table linens.  Water pitchers and napkin rings were created using fabric strips from the Joel Dewberry fabric.

Seats were designated by a little initial card tied to the stem of each water glass with a colorful ribbon.  The menu consisted of an Asian chicken salad, carrot souffle, and  sesame seed baguette.  Followed by red velvet cupcakes and cake balls.

Fresh flowers were placed around the tables in vases and combined in arrangements with lettuce, limes and tangerines.

It was a joy to be asked to help with this party. thanks again B for letting me help!!  It turned into a very lovely and memorable afternoon.  I am so excited for my friend and cannot wait to meet Ella or Eli!!