Friday, August 13, 2010

New skirts and hair clips

What more could a girl want than new clothes and a few hair accessories?  There are days when I find that I need to make something, it's not just a "he it would be fun to make something", it's an "I must make something or I may go crazy."  So on those days, I tend to make skirts and hair clips. (Hence the many hair clip tutorials.)

For years, when this happens I tend to just whip up a really simple skirt.  It's easy to make and it's really cute.  I'll show you how very soon!!

The hair clips change depending on the outfit and my mood.  Some days they're nothing more than gluing a few flowers together and some days there hand sewn and quite involved.  They disappear a few days later, so it's well worth my time and effort...right?

The first skirt and clips were made using fabric from Robert Kaufman's Metro Cafe and Glam Garden lines.  I love the teapot and teacup fabric.  I bought a couple of yards of it in case I decided to make a dress for her, but in my hour of crafting need, I opted for a skirt.  It's so cute, it looks adorable on her.  The matching hair clips were made with cups from the fabric and felt.  I tried one of the big cups in my hair, and well, not so cute on me.  It's an easy skirt and it transitions quite well from summer to fall to winter, with the additions of leggings or tights.

The next skirt I made was a skirt using an owl print from Amy Schimler's On a Whim line, paired with the Amy Butler's lime Full Moon Polka Dot. She loved this skirt, it had owls and purple ones...even better!  Her hair clip is made from a felt owl that I had, she has a pink owl hair clip also.  I think I need to make a purple owl too.  Her pink owl, Sally, is currently wearing the pink hair clip.

So, if you would like to make one of these skirts, you'll need less than one yard of fabric, it's a great way to use smaller pieces from your stash.  I'll post the tutorial soon.


  1. I LOVE the owl skirt! And the clip is the cutest!

  2. Thanks! I've been saving the owl fabric, because I just couldn't decide what to do with it! I have it in brown also! I love the way it turned out too!

  3. Those skirts are too cute! I love the prints you used.

  4. I just finished a dress from your super cute dress tutorial....I'd love to see the tutorial for this shirt. Thanks so much!

  5. Please send a pic, I'd love to see it!!
    I will hopefully get the tutorial up this week, I'm a little behind!

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